Chemicals? Not On My Skin

 Little Introduction

Let me start by telling you what got me interested in natural products. The whole idea came out of frustration with my own skin. My story is like some you may have heard before. As a teenager, I had nice skin really. Not too many breakouts, unless from sweating from athletics or hormonal changes, which happen from time to time. However, I hit my early twenties and my skin started to change. I would get painful, ugly breakouts on my face and sometimes other places too, like my chest, shoulders, arms, and such. I did what all women do when skin issues arise and that was hit the skincare aisle. I wasted lots of money on products promising clearer skin this, brighter skin that, minimizing pores and wrinkle prevention. Those promises proved false time after time and I was creeping up on the age of thirty quickly. Frustrated, I began researching online what I could do to fix this problem at home. Let me start with why those chemicals are harmful for your skin and why those promises never prove to be true, at least in my experience.

Are Chemicals the Answer?


I think we can all agree that chemicals are bad for your skin. This is why when you hear promises of clearer, brighter, unwrinkled skin.. unless they are truly natural products, they are likely to fall short. If I added up how much money I spent on worthless products filled with harmful chemicals, I would probably cry. I’m exaggerating, but I want to explain why I started using natural products and let you figure out if changing to natural products is for you too. For me, it has been a lifesaver! Breakouts are painful, they take forever to heal, and even after they do; they leave dark marks you have to deal with like an annoying ex. I never realized how harmful the chemicals in skin care products could be. Here are the top harmful chemicals I found that are used in skin care products. I know this is a crazy list of chemicals, but at least skim them over. You don’t have to remember what all these chemicals are necessarily. Just scan through them so you can try and recognize them when you are buying your next skin care or cosmetic product.


Common Harmful

Chemicals Found

in Skin Care

  1. Coal Tar
  2. Synthetic Fragrances
  3. Parabens (Methyl and Propyl and Butyl and Ethyl )
  4. Nanoparticles
  5. Formaldehyde 
  6. Synthetic Colors
  7. Propylene glycol
  8. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  9. Triethanolamine
  10. Triclosan
  11. PVP/VA Copolymer
  12. Petrolatum
  13. Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea

I know all of these chemicals can be a bit overwhelming, but never fear! I’m here to do the researching for you to find out what’s what and hopefully break it down a little so it’s easier for you to understand. You can check that more detailed list out here: Explanation of Chemicals. Trust me, I get overwhelmed myself looking at this list of harmful chemicals. I just wanted to share them in hopes that you might recognize them when you are shopping for cosmetic and skin care products. Makes me cringe thinking of the years spent damaging my skin with these chemicals. Thankful for other bloggers, websites, and social media outlets that helped me find natural skin care that worked for me. Now….


The Natural Stuff

What’s the big deal you ask? For starters, it changed my skin for the greater good. I haven’t seen my skin this clear is a very long time. It feels so clean, fresh, and bright ever since I have started using natural products. I have tested and tweaked my natural skincare recipes. I’ve turned numerous friends and family members into my guinea pigs.They all are different skin types, ages,  and genders. I’ve had all positive reviews and been testing them for about six months now. This led me to start this blog and to start bottling my natural facial cleanser for others to try. I couldn’t hold back from sharing this with as many people as possible and hence, why I am writing this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading and continue to keep up with my new blogs. Pay attention to your labels my friends. Your health and beauty depends on it.

Ways To Stay Informed & Help the Cause for Safer Cosmetics


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