Clever Packing Ideas

I am laying on the couch, with a full suitcase waiting to be unpacked. Exhausted after a ten day trip of traveling. Partly for work and partly for holiday family visits. I admit, I packed quickly considering not only was I getting ready for a long trip, but also getting holiday shopping and presents wrapped so they would be ready to pack up. Not to mention, the parties and get togethers with friends I had planned before leaving. It  was a busy week to say the least.


Usually, I am pretty good at packing for trips like this. I travel all the time and have done so since I was a little kid. This trip was a bit longer than usual and my procrastination got the best of me. I was rushed in packing. I did a pretty good job regardless of that, but you always think of something you left at home or think to yourself, “why did I even bring this?” But, my mantra is you will more or less need all the same things with you, with just extra outfits the longer your trip.


I don’t know about you, but I like to have my possessions with me when I travel. This leads to overstuffed, messy purses and over-packing fiascos from time to time. However, the more I travel the more I find myself getting better at packing just the right things & somehow making it all fit. However, there is always room for improvement; so I decided  I would get together some information for my own knowledge and hopefully to help you too!



  • Prepare, prepare, prepare! Make a list of things you will need! Check the weather and plan outfits accordingly. Bring clothes to layer in case the weatherman is wrong. You can always add or take away layers depending on the weather. Think about the activities you have planned on your trip and throw in a few for activities that arise you didn’t particularly plan for.
  • Be Practical: Stick to a neutral color scheme that’s easy to match up. This will save you from bringing too many items. A coat in a neutral color that will match anything, neutral scarf, etc…Plan your outfits ahead of time too. It will also prevent over-packing.
  • Shoes: Only three pairs including the ones on your feet and that pair should be your bulkiest. If you need workout shoes, this is probably your best bet. Then a neutral dress shoe and depending on cold or hot weather flip flops or boots.


Packing Hacks:

  1. Put your your socks inside of your shoes, it is a great space saver!
  2. Wrap your longer jewelry like necklaces and bracelets separately in plastic wrap so that they don’t get tangled. Then slip them between your clothes for safe keeping.
  3.  Use a weekday pill separator to pack your smaller jewelry in. So easy!
  4. Try a pencil or sunglass case to store your charger cords in.
  5.  Use cotton balls or cotton pads to pad your cosmetics like eyeshadows & powders to prevent them from breaking.
  6. Hot curling iron or straightener that needs packing? Slide it in an oven mit. Problem solved.
  7. The age old tip of rolling your clothes actually works, so try it. It will save you a ton of room in your suitcase. However, stiffer items will need folding so layer your rolled items on bottom and place folded items on top.

I hope these tips will help you the next time you take a trip somewhere beautiful! Please comment below if you have any of your own  packing hacks you would like to share with me! I would love to hear them!

Just remember:

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” 




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