Teeth Whitening 101

Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile. Who wants to pay for it though? Sure, you can change to a whitening toothpaste. There are laser treatments, but that can be expensive. There are much simpler ways to get whiter teeth. You can find most of these remedies in your own kitchen.


My Top Detoxes

I have different ways I like to detox depending on what is going on with my body. I will admit, I overindulge from time to time. Certain detoxes I like to do after a weekend of parties, friends, and drinks. A nice liver cleanse on Monday is truly needed sometimes! Point being, there are lots of ways to detox. I have gathered my favorite detoxes to share with you. Choose the one that sounds right for you and start cleansing all those nasty toxins out of your body!

Clever Packing Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I like to have my possessions with me when I travel. This leads to overstuffed, messy purses and over-packing fiascos from time to time. However, the more I travel the more I find myself getting better at packing just the right things & somehow making it all fit. However, there is always room for improvement; so I decided I would get together some information for my own knowledge and hopefully to help you too!

Chemicals? Not On My Skin

 Little Introduction Let me start by telling you what got me interested in natural products. The whole idea came out of frustration with my own skin. My story is like some you may have heard before. As a teenager, I had nice skin really. Not too many breakouts, unless from sweating from athletics or hormonal changes, which…

Harmful Chemicals List

This is a more detailed list of the most common harmful chemicals found in skin care products today. I didn’t want to bore you in my last blog with all of these explanations, but I thought it was important to share them here for anyone looking for a little more information.